About us:

Kapitel LLC was established in 2007 with the aim of designing projects for construction of buildings and structures, and continues its activities in this direction to this day. From the day of its foundation to the present, the enterprise has designed more than 300 small, medium and large construction projects, on the basis of which structures and high-rise buildings with a modern design have been built and put into operation in all regions of the republic, including Dushanbe city.
Kapitel LLC has strengthened its position in the field of designing and construction, starting from 2022, the company has decided to make efforts to develop and expand various business areas, including new forms of trade. In this direction, the company has done a lot of work and has taken the necessary measures to establish, within the framework of the law, its new types of activities, such as the export and import of products and goods, the sale and purchase of medicines and medical supplies, the processing of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, tourism and labor migration.
The first step taken by enterprise is registration of our brand under the name of “ORZOO”, which has firmly established its place in the domestic and foreign markets. The question may arise, why “ORZOO”? The answer is obvious, as the mission of the enterprise is embedded in the very word “ORZOO”, which has a certain meaning and which stands for: “Knowledge of the Truth is the Most Important Dream of Humankind”
We strive to conduct our business in a professional, reasonable, reliable and conscientious manner, in accordance with accepted international standards, to contribute to the development and well-being of society and to keep up with the times.
Our goals:
– promoting the development of the country’s construction infrastructure by planning, designing and constructing modern buildings and structures with the involvement of highly qualified and most experienced specialists of the country.
– Attracting of foreign tourists to get acquainted with the rich history, hospitality, ancient customs and traditions of the Tajik people, unique climate, amazing nature, crystal clear waters, as well as drawing up entertainment programs such as transport trips, hiking, rowing, hunting, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, riding a horse, snowmobiling, picnics, interesting routes for tourists and provision of quality services by luxury hotels, resorts, holiday homes, restaurants, etc.
– export of the country’s labor force, in particular, the full potential of highly qualified and experienced specialists in various fields to the labor market of far and near countries, in order to improve the level and quality of life of the population
– import and export of various high-quality products and consumer goods
– providing professional distribution services
– building transparent and mutually beneficial relationships with partners of the enterprise
– enjoyment of customers from every purchase of high-quality products under “ORZOO” brand
– continuous honing of the professional skills of employees, including training and advanced training in the field of promotion and sale of products under the company’s brand
Each recipient of services expects to receive quality services, and each buyer expects to purchase quality goods. In this regard, the company’s team primarily focuses on “high quality”, both in the service sector and in the field of export and sale of goods. We are responsible for all our services and products!