Information about honey from Tajikistan

One of the best products of “ORZOO” is pure natural honey, which is collected from the nectar of flowers and plants of the remote mountainous regions of the country, which make up 93% of the territory of Tajikistan.
The best beekeepers in the country collect this delicacy using special equipment. A significant part of the apiary is located in the unique natural zones of Tajikistan, namely in Rasht valley, Romit and Varzob gorges, Tavildara and Dashtijum regions. In these regions of Tajikistan are bred five types of bees: Tajik, Italian, Central Russian, Caucasian and Carpathian.
Honey is collected directly from the apiary, preserving its original form and supplied to the consumer in the form of natural products, which include vitamins and microelements, enzymes and amino acids, more than three hundred different useful components – and it is all in one product that gives us a wonderful nature of Tajikistan. There is no doubt that honey has a number of medicinal properties and is very useful for the human body, but honey which collected in the highlands at 2000 meters above sea level has an exquisite taste, unique aroma and more useful properties.
Limited Liability Company “Kapitel” under “ORZOO” brand has the honor to offer you this ancient delicacy containing more than three hundred different useful components.
Tajik honey entered the markets of major honey importers of USA, Canada, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the EU countries.
ORZOO brand presents honey in standard packaging and decorative gift wooden barrels made of linden, and covered with natural beeswax inside. This procedure allows storing honey in a natural environment and increases its shelf life.
We hope that lovers of this wonderful delicacy will enjoy the amazing taste of ORZOO honey!
Thank you for your attention!

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