Natural mineral water ``Obi Fayzobod``

Another life-giving product from “ORZOO” brand is natural mineral water “Obi Fayzobod”, which pleases lovers of environmentally friendly products in 0.5 liters plastic bottles!
Natural mineral water “Obi Fayzobod” from “ORZOO” brand is a natural crystal clear spring water, which is directly extracted from a well at a depth of 1324 m. The well is located in an ecologically clean area covered with green trees and meadows of Fayzobod district of Tajikistan.
What is special about Obi Fayzobod mineral water from ORZOO brand?
An ideal pH level of 8-8.5 and the ratio of magnesium and calcium 1:4: restores the acid-base balance;
Improving metabolism and cleansing the body of toxins;
Gentle mineralization up to 250 mg/litre: suitable for daily use;
Unique composition: supplies the body with essential trace elements.
We strive to bring water the way nature created it: useful, alive and real.
Having passed a depth of 1324 meters, “Obi Fayzobod” water retains all its useful properties and mineral composition.
We extract and bottle Obi Fayzobod water from one original source; therefore, we guarantee 100% quality and natural taste of every sip from a bottle with ORZOO brand.
Feel the power of nature in every bottle of “ORZOO”!