Tajikistan is famous all over the world for fruits and berries, sweet cherries are no exception. +30 and the sun is the weather that sweet cherry loves. The massive season for harvesting and exporting sweet cherries from Tajikistan usually starts around May 10 and lasts until about mid-June. The harvest is so rich that the weight of the fruit branches bend to the ground.

Scarlet, light red and almost black berries. In large gardens are grown varieties with different ripening periods, so the crop can be harvested throughout the season.

The first harvest is immediately exported. The berries are prepared for export directly on the field. Packers carefully place each berry in boxes of two kilograms. And in a week, Tajik sweet cherries will go on the shelves of foreign countries.

In Shahrinav district, sweet cherry orchards are spread over an area of ​​more than 500 hectares. According to farmers, there are more than 700 Napoleon sweet cherry trees in this garden. There are also famous varieties such as “Valovaya” and “Negress”. They are distinguished by a good presentation and high yield. From one tree, it is possible to collect up to 30 kilograms of fruit.

Ripe sweet berries should not be kept in the sun for a long time. In the heat, they overripe and burst. Therefore, not only dekhkans, but also hired pickers go to harvesting.

In addition, these fruits are also grown on household plots, and for many people they are one of the sources of replenishment of the family budget.

Due to the fact that the agro technical rules are observed correctly and the trees are processed in a timely manner with the necessary preparations, it is possible to grow a good crop of this type of fruit.

Throughout Tajikistan, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, the area of ​​stone fruit orchards exceeds 80,000 hectares.