Wild cherry

Very ripe and very tasty cherry! She grew up in the mountains of Tajikistan, where she was collected and carefully dried in a completely natural way.

Cherries are an excellent source of vitamin C and folic acid, especially in winter, when the body needs vitamins and solar energy so much.

Studies show that cherries are also a dietary source of melatonin, a natural hormone used by the body to achieve deep and restful sleep. Various environmental factors and diseases can reduce its levels and interrupt healthy sleep. Therefore, the consumption of cherries, according to experts, can provide insomniacs with a restful night’s rest.

It is especially pleasant that the use of vitamins in their natural form (from fruits and natural dried fruits) cannot lead to an overdose, unlike synthetic or concentrated vitamins from a pharmacy! You can eat (or drink compote) cherries as much as you want – and your body will take vitamins and minerals as much as it needs to fully absorb!