Fruits of Tajikistan are the heritage of nature

Our sunny Tajikistan is a tourist country with great potential, attracting lovers of nature, skyscrapers, historical sites, clean and healing springs and, above all, various types of fruits such as grapes, pomegranates, apricots, peaches, lemons, apples, melons and watermelons and others. That is why tourists from all over the world come here to observe our sunny country and the achievements of its various industries.


Grapes are one of the fruits that the Tajik people have been cultivating since time immemorial. Today, Tajik peasants believe that there are more than 300 types of this raisin in the country. Business executives classify the best grape varieties into varieties “Husaini”, “victory”, “Tsarskaya”, “Peshawak”, “black and white Kishmish”.


Apricots of Tajikistan are a blessing of nature. Humanity has looked at it for centuries and millennia and realized its character and requirements.

Apricots are juicy and delicious. His passion attracts people to him. Besides the fact that turmeric has a pleasant taste, it is also very useful. Apricot is rich in vitamins and minerals and is one of the most beloved fruits of man.

The homeland of the apricot was evaluated by the Tien Shan ridge, located in Central Asia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, China, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

According to media reports, farmers in our country are always working to increase the number of adaptable varieties of apricots. Now there are more than 90 varieties of apricots in the city of Isfara in the Sughd region alone, including “ahrori”, “khurmakhi”, “kafak”, “binogari”, “mirsanjali”, “tajiboi”, “beads”, “luchak”, “javazak”, etc.

Currently, apricots of Tajikistan have become a popular brand in both domestic and foreign markets. To do this, complex tours focused on apricots will be conducted in the country. It should be noted that two years ago an Apricot sculpture was installed in the city of Isfara, Sughd region.


In addition, there is a delicious apple in Tajikistan. It is grown in natural conditions, without changes and the use of mineral fertilizers.

There is a proverb in English that means: “whoever eats an apple during the day will not go to the doctor.” According to some scientific studies, eating apples can reduce the risk of colon, prostate and lung cancer. Apples contain more vitamin C than other fruits and vegetables.