Grapes are one of the most ancient and native fruits of the Tajik people. According to a study by the international organization of viticulture, countries located in the 40 ° – 50 ° north latitude zone are the most favorable for growing grapes. Along with Turkey, Italy and other countries, Tajikistan is located in this width on the political map (see map).

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the area of ​​vineyards in Tajikistan is about 38 thousand hectares (in 2016) and an average of 500,000 tons of grapes are harvested annually.

Tajik farmers know more than 50 types of grapes, and the best varieties in terms of profitability are considered to be such varieties as: Lady’s fingers (Hussaini), Kishmish, Taifi pink, Zarifi, Regari and Bull’s eye. According to sectoral ministries and departments, grapes are grown in 45 cities and regions of Tajikistan, which is equal to 75% of the total number of regions in the country. The cities and districts of Tursunzade, Gissar, Shahrinav, Dangara, Istaravshan, Bobojon Gafurov are leading in the field of growing grapes. Tajik grapes are a sweet and vitamin-rich fruit with a sugar content of up to 25%.

On average, half of the crop is exported abroad to countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Even though more than half a million tons of grapes are produced in Tajikistan per year, this volume is still being successfully implemented.

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Taifi pink


Hussaini black

Hussaini white

White kishmish

Black kishmish

Galaba (Victory)