Pistachio Day is celebrated annually on February 26 in many countries around the world. In Tajikistan, pistachios are one of the favorite treats. The pistachio picking season usually starts on July 20th and lasts until mid-August.

Mankind has been using pistachios for over 9,000 years. In addition, in Tajikistan, this nut is extremely popular.

According to statistics, pistachio is grown in Tajikistan on an area of ​​about 80,000 hectares. But there is no information about the pistachio harvest in Tajikistan in the world statistics, since it is grown mainly in forestry.

In Tajikistan, a number of economically valuable types of pistachios have been selected, many of which are not inferior in quality to the fruits of well-known industrial varieties of foreign countries, these are such pistachios as Orzu, Albina, Oktyabrskaya, Saboh, etc.

Pistachios are a healthy product and occupy a special place among all nuts. Pistachios contain many useful elements. They affect the restoration of the psycho-emotional background, the cardiovascular system; have a tonic effect on the human body.

Doctors recommend consuming pistachios for those who experience great physical or mental stress, as well as for patients who have recently had an illness.

Due to the content of fatty acids, pistachios prevent the development of heart attacks. They strengthen the walls of blood vessels and restore a rapid heartbeat.