Raisins – dried fruits of grapes – the most common type of dried fruits in our country. Despite the outward simplicity of its manufacture, the technology for the production of high-quality raisins is actually quite complex and requires strict adherence to a number of conditions.

First of all, good raisins can only be obtained from grape varieties with thin skins and fleshy flesh, and the sugar content should be at least 20% (by the way, in ready-made raisins, the sugar content reaches 80%). It is possible to achieve such characteristics of grape berries only in a hot sunny climate, therefore one of the world leaders in the production of this dried fruit is Tajikistan, where the technologies for proper drying and further processing of raisins have been brought to perfection. In Tajikistan, raisins are processed in a special way, in which 80% of natural sugars are preserved. It is worth noting that dried fruits contain more nutrients than natural grapes.

Raisins are a unique product, because they retain the maximum useful properties of fresh grapes – 70-80% of vitamins and 100% of trace elements. It is believed that the darker the raisins, the healthier they are. Light brown raisins from Tajikistan are a real find for the food industry. In addition to being ideal on its own (as a snack or even dessert), raisins perfectly complement and enrich the taste of any confectionery (sweets, bars, chocolate), instant foods (snacks, muesli, crunches), drinks, dairy products ( yoghurts, puddings, ice cream, sour milk drinks), meat dishes.

Despite their small size, raisins have a high-energy value and contain vitamins, minerals and fiber important for health. Numerous studies confirm the benefits of raisins for our body. Its regular use allows you to strengthen the heart and blood vessels, improve athletic performance and slow down aging. Due to the high content of B vitamins, raisins are valued for their ability to strengthen the nervous system and improve sleep. It can be used as a sedative that relieves stress and fatigue.

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